The Chiltern Hundred Hall of Fame

Luzian - 73 FTFs and 75 finds in 12 hours

Mr.Dewdrop - 104 finds in 15 hours and 24 miles

Rodz - 107 finds

Rodz - FTF the bonus

Rodz - first to do all 110 caches

The Ox & Monkey - did 109 in 11 hours, 56 minutes, with 6 DNFs

Go Pack Go (East Sussex) with sadexploration (Steve) from Surrey, darapotter (Rich) from Somerset, Sussex Leprechauns (Di) from West Sussex.We logged the first traditional at about 5.42am and the last at about 5.58pm. We maintained a decent pace throughout but made sure we stopped for a couple of 10 minute breaks and to chat with the 9 other cachers we met along the way. We also stopped for about another 15 minutes to fashion a new cache at #97. We walked 24.7 miles in 12 hrs 56 minutes

The Allotment Gardener got 107 in one day.

Rosie's Rangers; 106 caches in 11 hours.

esscafe: first solo female to do all 110 caches

Savage Hamster and JLAM-D found 100 caches plus the bonus in 15 1/2 hours on 13-9-2008, which means they did quite a lot at night.

YurtGirl did all 110 caches, mostly in the dark during the night of 26/27 September.

Rydz-Five-5 is the youngest to complete the series in one day, at 12 years old.

Family-Wood and TheTwoMotts did 109 caches and the bonus, in eight hours!

Totty (Helena), Fatbloke (Nic), Perky (Emma) and Rogger (Paul) raised £1700for Cancer Research UK bygoing round in one day.

Team Whatever: AmblingFree, NickBe, Trikonasana, Wotever, saddler21, groosome and chunkymonkey and LindseyG did the whole thing in 10 hours, 54 minutes.

WYBO LAKES with samurai sord did 104 caches in 15 hours, mostly in the rain.

Schoolfrenz and The Kitty Cachers, visited 109 caches plus puzzles of Fundamental Theorems of Algebra and Arithmetic, and Pednor Pair - Silver, 11 hours and 31 minutes.

Cassandy, mel-ray and squirtchy, did all 110 caches in 12 hours 28 minutes, and they also did some maintenance for me - many thanks.

Wandering Wells and Vigilant Vinestocks did 100/109 in 15 hours including 4 pub stops, 3 detours, 3 extra caches and 4 very painful feet. Also helped with maintenance, many thanks.

Harbcache did 108 caches on June 8 2012 despite hurricanes and torrential rain.

mimozakon from Slovakia in 10 1/2 hours, 1 disabled, 9 I believe are gone, 2 I don't know if gone but DNFs, 3 DNFs as I was clueless on the site. That in total left me with 94/109. Stats above didn't left me opportunity to do 100 in a day.

Thanks to The_Buffs for doing a huge amount of maintenance for me, and congratulations for going round in such terrible weather!

What next? Someone hopping round? Walking round backwards? Are there no limits to the ways that people punish themselves?